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Patel Brass Industries was established in the year 1971 by a visionary Lt Mr. Dhanrajbhai P Faldu with few machineries and infrastructure with an aim to supply the growing demand in the agricultural components and accessories.

Milestone and growth
1971- Started the company intially with Screw, Bolts,Nuts and other fastening products.
1972- Developed the Electrical parts and accessories
1973- Development of Agricultural products.
1977- Development of Oil Engine Parts and Accessories
1979- LP Commercial Gas Fittings and Accessories
1986- First Forging Press in Jamnagar
1987- Upgradations of Forging unit with Hydraulic Press
1989- Brass compression and fittings
1989- Brass Flare fittings
1990- Expansion of Forging Presses with 200 & 250 M Ton Presses.
1990- Expansion of Machining Area, Forging Area with acquiring new land construction,
           new machineris added to the production department.
1991- Brass pipe fittings, customer specified forgings parts and customized products as per
1992- Brass Electrical fittings and Transformer metal parts
1992- Brass Irrigation and plumbing products.
1995- Procurement of Profile Projector-Vertical model
1998-Exports supply to UAE, Saudi Arabia and kuwati- 0.09 Million US $
1999- Exports started to USA - 0.15 Million US $
2000- Exports started ti France-0.18$ Million US $
2001- Exports to Malaysia, Singapore- 0.21 Million US $
2001-Applied for ISO 9002
2002-Procurement of 400 M Ton Forging Presses.
2002- Applied for ISO 9001:2000
2003- Procurement of CNC Turning Machine
2004-Exports to UK, Canada,Germany-0.35 Million US $
2005- Imported a CNC Turning Mill from Germany. CTX 210 DMG
2005- Procurement of New Profile Projector with CADCAM Facility.
2006- Exports Reaching to almost every developed countries with annual sale of 0.75 Million US $
2015- Developed New Company PATEL BRASS TURNOMATICS PVT. LTD., Approx. 35,000 square feet area
           with latest machinery

Future Plans
Target of 1.25 Million US $, Joint Venture with foriegn company for manufacturing and supply. Setting up and extrusion plant for brass rods. Procurement of fully CNC CMM.

We are holding 17% of the Indian market, with large number of distributors and agents spread across the country. We have crossed the international boarder and made our mark in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and there are more countries that we are targeting. We are known for our quality and on time product delivery. We give a prompt response to all the queries. Thus we have gained faith and trust from our clients. Our manufacturing work includes, 60% of customer specific product and 40% of the standard products. We are capable of handling products with critical dimension and high accuracy that comes from the customers. We offer quality product at competitive rates. We take care of product packaging. The packaging is also done according to the customer requirements.

Patel Group of Industries

The casting and forging facilities are present within our manufacturing zone. This enables us to provide quality product and identification of each supply, with material traceability throughout the process. All our plans are focused on giving our clients the latest and the best quality product.

Customers and Application of Products

  • Refineries and Oil-Gas plant
  • Electricity Generation and distribution
  • Agriculture and Irrigation
  • Plumbing and Sanitary
  • Air Conditioning and Coolants
  • Automobile,Railways,Aerospace, Defence
  • Military and Medical application
  An ISO 9001 : 9002 Company An ISO 9001 : 9002 Company Quality certification bureau Inc.